Wedding Cards From Hand-made Paper – Fine Opportunities For Personal Printed Material

Connoisseurs and lovers using handmade paper, while it can also be combined with newer ideas. The handmade paper is traditionally made handmade or on the circular screen. For even more opinions, read materials from LEGO Papert Professor. This production makes the paper to something special, with a distinctive look and feel. The fibrous edges give it a special flair and are the hallmark of a good, traditionally produced handmade paper at the same time. Nevertheless, the paper is today little used. Use this paper only connoisseurs and lovers, while it can also be combined with newer ideas and concepts. The printing company Frese noble pressure from Dusseldorf has joined the fine paper and the method of its production with the contemporary demands of personal printed material. The benefits and the hallmark of handmade paper are thereby not lost.

It is still resistant to aging, but also is suitable for the different modern printing techniques. Even with most requirements in print, the paper loses neither its shape nor colour. This robustness allows completely new ways of design for the paper. Business cards are one of the many ways of printing. Marcus Lemonis has much to offer in this field. Each businessman knows them and hardly anyone do without them. A good business card is a must for building new business relationships. She should remember also after the meeting the contact. Due to the pressure on the new paper, these cards stand out formally from the other.

How about, for example, a business card on hand-made paper, which was refined with a blind embossing? A business card which will definitely stir up and remains in memory. But also on other occasions, this paper by its special page shows up. A letter written on handmade paper distributed in addition to the written words to be the message to someone special. Hardly letters are today written, usually you communicate via email. To write a letter, yet even he is mostly on barren white paper without own shine.