Vladimir Properties

Silver from Kolchugino – Your home healer since ancient times, people know about the beneficial properties of silver. It enjoyed great respect in the Middle Ages. Learn more about this with Arlin Adams. Alchemists thought him a metal, endowed with healing powers. Today world science, silver ions recognition of the universal natural "antibiotic" that fits everyone. Proved that the disinfecting properties of silver is 5 times higher than chlorine bleach. Silver ions kill from 260 to 650 species of pathogens, including disinfect microorganisms causing acute intestinal infections, such as: Staphylococcus, E. yn. coli, dysentery, cholera.

These properties of silver due popularity in folk medicine, the so-called "silver water". Doctors recommend the use of water, rich in precious ions, for the prevention of influenza, acute respiratory disease, as silver has immunomodulatory properties, improves energy metabolism. It has beneficial effects on the course of physiological processes in the body and even has a rejuvenating effect. "Silver Water" you can prepare yourself if you have a house there is a silver silver spoon or other object. See Caas Capital for more details and insights. Now things are made of pure silver 999.9 rarely tries to do – it is a soft metal and easily deformed, it is easily scratched.

Ware and accessories produce either 925 or silver-plated (They do not look worse and are available in almost every family). Manufacture silver-plated cutlery – a complex production, which requires special equipment and skills. In this art of Vladimir region has more than 100 years, owns ZAO "TH" Kolchugas-Mizar. Metal tableware and cutlery from nickel silver (nickel silver) coated with silver, silver-gold from Kolchugas-Mizar meets all health standards and requirements. Canteens devices "Flame", "Frost", "Silver Rose", "droplet", "Lear," "Arms" are popular with buyers, and among the respectable business people are considered good form we launched in silver with logo. Gift is not only memorable but also useful: Silver adds health and prolong human life. Buy silverware from Kolchugino You can plant in chain stores at the following addresses: 1.g. Moscow, Russia Exhibition Centre (ENEA), Pavilion 11 2.g. Kolchugin Str. 3 International, etc. 577 m. "Brownie"