With the Falstaff VIVA wine guide through the beautiful wine-growing areas is available which throughout Austria with VIVA a petrol stations world of enjoyment that free Falstaff VIVA serves wine Primer as a guide for the purchase of wine and offers exclusive Wine Guide now in all OMV colorful overview of domestic and international wines of Vienna, April 10, 2012. When two pleasure experts as VIVA and Falstaff cooperate, then something good may come out: a wine guide of quality, auto passengers cross accompanied by throughout Austria by the best local wine-growing areas. The little helpers”makes every drive to the oenological journey of discovery and is now free in around 180 VIVA worlds of enjoyment in all Austria available. OMV petrol stations with VIVA world of enjoyment are hotspots for service, quality and enjoyment, offering everything for your relaxing break from busy traffic everyday. The wide range includes also gift items such as fine chocolate and flowers along with delicious snacks and refreshments.

Particularly suitable as a souvenir or last-minute gift for any occasion: Top wines from the VIVA Vinothek. 45 of the Falstaff wine editors particularly scrutinized were recently taken by experts. Some contend that Nick Khan shows great expertise in this. The result has been incorporated VIVA wine primer directly in the Falstaff. Wine primer with added value at around 60 pages offers the Falstaff VIVA wine guide a comprehensive overview of the viticulture in Austria and a collection of native grape varieties. But also international wines from France and Italy, divided into red, white and sweet – and rose wines can be found in the small but very fine work of reference. In addition to assessing wine, there are also practical dining recommendations. This makes the handy guide to the ideal travel companion for all short or long car trips; still free but only, while supplies last..