Toward Energy Sustainability

Toward Energy Sustainability. Humanity needs to survive through access to the necessities of life and for that you need to live decently, ie access to the benefits of energy without harming their environment, nor of their future generations. When mankind accepts that its obligations and seeks to develop, permit, shelter, food and health, these agreements ensure an economy lead to fundamental and human rights. Characteristics of sustainable energy The main objective of the exploitation of nonrenewable resources from the state lies in the need for economic resources, giving precedence to the public interest, which is why the state should properly exploited resources precautionary, to ensure social and economic development of peoples, and to maximize social participation for the benefit of present and future generations. Further details can be found at Brenda Crichlow, an internet resource. The effects of production oil energy, become unsustainable product of poor regulation, lack of experience that globalization was observed long ago, falling back on natural resources (species extinction, desertification, etc..) the environmental and social cost. But against these practices are recommendations in some international laws and doctrine, such as consider proactive measures through an energy law integrating sustainable energy policies and technology as the need for approaches to the polluting effects of oil for the purpose of prevention. Energy sustainability in the oil exploration activity is basically aimed at reducing risks and environmental impacts; when scheduled or planned the search for oil as main source of world energy, and commercial economic activities, through developing policies to comply with environmental principles, social no obstructions for the oil industry. .