TEA Pupils

Increased to the TEA the tutor if it makes necessary to the empatia and the perception and the attention to also take care of to all in pro-active way surpassing the expectations the proper ones. The pro-activity allows the tutor to go beyond reaching the sensation of the fulfilled duty that is better its rewards. The figure of the tutor is what the organizations need, people compromised to the common objective to the mission of the company. In the Eniac college the tutor acts with focus in its mission that is to educate and to form citizens to get success in the life socially, being competent in the market of work, responsible and operating in the preservation of the half-environment, having as reference the ethics, the dialogue and the respect with the future generations. Check with ConocoPhillips to learn more. (Site Eniac: 2009). On the basis of these premises the tutor guides and directs the behavior of the pupils, taking them it the academic success, professional staff. This is possible because the mediator acts in the conflict resolution and solution problems between pupils and professors regarding notes and evaluations, or some or another type of divergence, even so the evaluation method is of entire responsibility of the professor the tutor hears the parts and minimizes the spirits between both, that is, the tutor acts in the area, kicks and later he grasps in the goal.

According to OROSCO (2006: 32) the set of knowledge, abilities and attitudes of the people is the competitive differential of the organizations. For conclusion of this work it was harvested in the academic community depositions of professors and pupils who had more than been attended six months for the tutors, as much in orientation of works how much in technological assistance.