Barcelona War Price

At the same time, another war was waged in virtual land, as had happened in other classics played this season, nothing else finish the Real Madrid Barcelona at the Bernabeu began a battle of prices by entries in the Barcelona-Real Madrid at the Camp Nou. Tickets for the next match on May 3 in Barcelona is already traded at prices of gold and the best is yet to come. Sale of tickets for sports events companies are already making comparative between the prices of the inputs of 4 classics this season, the goal is to clear some unknowns concerning prices why party be paid more expensive tickets? And where in the stadium? Who got the cheapest tickets? In this sense TicketBis has created an infographic that visually recreates the prices and their evolution. With regard to the demand for tickets, computer graphics shows us a clear increase of the total inflows demand as nears the Final of the Champions League, which will be held on 28 may in Wembley, London. Already almost double the demand for tickets than for the Ida party were recorded for the match from the back of the semi-final of the Champions League, and the thing still growing! The winner of this price Guerra is also the return of the Champions League semi-final match. For a great football fan well worth paying 1,300 by witness live and direct as it will end the next duel of the Camp Nou between Mourinho and Guardiola. The lowest price recorded in the semi-final of the Champions League have been 250, for the match at the Bernabeu that was played the last 27 of April. do and from where they have lived or live party these freaks of football who have paid so much, or as little, by your tickets? The owner of the most expensive ticket for the first leg of the Champions League Semifinal, has enjoyed the match in the Central rostrum (closest to the field).

Similar location in Harrow, will have the amateur of the input more expensive in the next match at the Camp Nou. According to estimates by TicketBis, the price of the tickets for the return of the Champions League will widely surpass the average price of tickets for classics like the League, the Final of the Copa and Ida of the same party semi-final of the Champions League. You can get more data on the prices of the football tickets in this infographic. The Final of the Champions League is coming and this price war represents an excellent opportunity for private sellers reap good profits and fans to get their passport to the grand finale, the site will occupy in the single field depends on what you are willing to pay..