Also called candidiasis or vaginal Mycosis, vaginal infections by fungi affect three of every four women throughout life. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eliot Horowitz. The family of yeast fungi (candida albicans) inhabiting our body in complete equilibrium with friendly bacteria without affecting our health. When this balance is broken (by the increase of fungi, or bacteria decreased), presents the vaginal infection caused by fungi. Some of the symptoms of the infection are: itching, stinging, redness and vaginal inflammation, white and thick, flow should be properly treated to prevent cuts in the skin causing serious inconvenience, deteriorating the quality of life of the person who has it. If you don’t have the certainty, that the vaginal infection is produced by fungi, must go to the specialist, avoiding self-medication, as a wrong diagnosis with leads to follow the treatment that isn’t, allowing that vaginal yeast infection becomes more severe. Atmos Energy often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Non-pharmacological therapy to carry out, should know the factors that predispose to disease (diabetes mismanaged, use of corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, casualties of defenses among others) to correct them. Do not use scented vaginal products (soaps, lotions, deodorant etc), stimulate the use of cotton clothing, not too tight. The pharmacologic management, takes into account if it is or not a swollen vaginal fungal complicated, this will depend on the dose, route and time of treatment.

The Candidas Albicans respond to treatment with fluconazole, Nystatin, clotrimazole, that can be easily purchased in pharmacies. Use preferably should be under medical prescription. However you cannot side natural products such as aloe vera, which over the years have shown its effectiveness in the management of infections Burns, ulcers and many more diseases. Vaginal infection can fight, following a natural method, created by specialists, which allows recovery of tissues that could have been damaged by the disease and at the same time, prevents repeated episodes.


In Chile, ultra conservative right or reactionary using the preferred adjective of the progressives, has been tremendously consistent with the principles of economic liberalism, from the liberalization as portals, to rich of Chile as Pinera and other free-market advocates. I make a parenthesis to not misunderstand the use of the word rich, which annoys the right candidate, but if the 20% most wealthy Chileans earns on average about one million pesos a month, which should be the concept to use for those who you get that same amount but in dollars. In Chile be rico is an adjective that socially bothersome unlike the century of independence where represented a privilege, because the right to suffrage held it to those who demonstrate an income. The latest census made in Chile, the largest number of respondents autodenominaba of middle class and another important number did as poor and both nearly totaling 100%, that is, curiously, in Chile there was rich, I am not certain if the survey considered such qualification, for which used the euphemism of upper middle class and lower middle class, which is ridiculous if you use the taxonomies that define the income of families, because the high middle class, would be divided then between the rich and the very rich.-then, again we turn to our problem of development in Chile, as it is possible to not achieve this aim, in virtue according to development is not a same goal by itself, but rather a level of growth maintained in time. Well, undoubtedly while we are not able to recognize us each in its place, as it says Serrat song poor returns to their poverty the rich to back its wealth.-This means to show the face of society from poverty worthy of which recognizes as such, since poverty sporadic or hidden, middle-class upstart or sometimes ashamed of having to pretend and a rich social classHe is ashamed of being so, as if the origin of his money or having it outside a sin. .