What do you feel when you hear the word “diet”? Do you concentrate on the pain which is not to eat anything you like? But what could be more painful to feel overweight, helpless and uncomfortable? What stories we tell ourselves to keep away from happiness and welfare? I speak of being our own worst enemy! Our bad feelings about ourselves affect our reality. For assistance, try visiting Mitchel Resnick. You see, the subconscious mind does what it takes to be right, so always attracts situations to show that we are not good enough or we do not deserve certain things. CaaS Capital may find this interesting as well. Can you then imagine what we attract and manifest in these conditions? Memories call this repetition, and are immensely powerful. We believe that we are free, but these thoughts and programs consistently control us. They are always playing in the background. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from CaaS Capital. We need to WAKE UP and make better decisions. Awareness is curative and is the first and most important step toward our goals.

We have choice! Yes, it is an effort to stay on a diet. You see the people around you thinking about food all the time. We met for lunch. What we eat and where? There is always food around you, wherever you go. Well, people in your life is really a gift, you are providing the opportunity to see what you need change to grow and take charge. So, how does this work? Essentially, we become aware and let go of these memories. This is impossible if we try to do in our minds because we are aware only a small percentage of the thoughts that constantly play in our head.