The constant search invest our savings and get to expand our capital and income comprises one of the best options on the market. This option is the investing in Ecopetrol shares. The Ecopetrol shares are one of the best companies to better profitability to die in recent years in Colombia. Invest the Ecopetrol shares is an excellent choice for achieving very good economic returns the interesting thing is that the actions are open to all the public. These actions Ecopetrol are one of the largest oil companies of Latin America and the best that there is in the world. If we invest in their actions they represent a constant gain. The only requirement to buy shares of the company is certificate of citizenship. Click here recognizes the significance of this.

One of the principal social objectives of actions Ecopetrol is the development, in Colombia or abroad, of commercial or industrial activities relevant or related to the exploration, exploitation, refining, transport, storage, distribution and marketing of hydrocarbons, products and their derivatives. In addition, part of the social object of Ecopetrol shares: 1) the Administration and management of all movable and immovable that reverted to the State upon completion of the ancient seas concession. On such goods will have, in addition, slides provided for in law faculties. ((((2) Exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in areas or oil fields which, before January 1, 2004: (a) they were related to contracts already signed or, (b) they were being operated directly by Ecopetrol S.A. (3) exploration and exploitation of the areas or oil fields that are assigned by the national agency of hydrocarbons ANH-. (4) Exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the outside, directly or through contracts concluded with third parties. (5) Refining, processing and any other process industry or petrochemical hydrocarbons, their derivatives, products or related, in its own facilities or of third parties, in the national territory and abroad. A leading source for info: Moodys . (6) Purchase, sale, import, export, processing, storage, mixing, distribution, commercialization, industrialization, and/or sale of hydrocarbons, derivatives, products and related, in Colombia and abroad.

(7) Transport and storage of hydrocarbons, their derivatives, products and related, through own transportation or storage or systems of third parties, in the national territory and abroad, with the exception of the commercial transportation of natural gas in the national territory. (8) To conduct research, development and marketing of conventional and alternate energy sources. (9) Perform production, mixing, storage, transportation and marketing of oxygenating components and biofuels. (10) The operation port. (11) Any activity complementary, related or useful for the development of the above. (12) Ensure external obligations when it is strictly necessary within the rotation of their businesses and in the framework of its corporate purpose, prior authorization from its Board of Directors. This investment in shares Ecopetrol can give us what you are looking for and much without a high risk of loss. I hope that this information about actions that Ecopetrol is has been very helpful for you. David a.

Series Crusher

The upgrading of mining equipment The space development both in technology and innovation are rapid in modern society. In the mining machinery industry, in order to bring the most needed products equipment mining machinery and equipment products for customers, we also should take innovation, constant improvement and actively upgrade products do. Now, let s briefly analyses the upgrading space for mining equipment. All machinery and equipment products, such as mineral processing equipment products, including ball mill, crushing machine, magnetic separator, flotation machine, have a certain life cycle. In the life cycle, they must go through market development, market expansion, market saturation, market shrinking and gradually go out of the market.

It requires the gravel equipment manufacturing and production enterprises devote their energies to take design innovation. Only keep taking small innovation on the basis of original function, can we make the whole production line show a good momentum, and eventually accumulate to a qualitative leap, and ultimately make a contribution to the production capacity of the entire industry. Though these simple but important details improvement, we can greatly enhance existing products and help enterprises manage their own equipment to obtain higher and better returns. In addition to these places that we must pay attention to, the crushing machine design philosophy no longer only focus on the high performance of the product; at the same time, influenced by the foreign major sand making equipment manufacturers, we begin to concern the ease-of-use and user-friendly publicity. Therefore, the engineering department has contacted some domestic mechanical engineering experts to solve the ease of use and maneuverability of crusher. YBJ Series Crusher has been improved handling device.

The most important feature of this device is the coexistence can be adjusted through multiple changes. Processing by expert systems, all the important parameters in the production of enterprise are listed, which can guide future production activities of the enterprise. These beneficial attempts ensure Hongxing Heavy industry have maintained vitality, so as to maintain a good momentum of development in the increasingly intense competitive environment. Zhengzhou Hongxing experts pointed out, only keep good design ideas and constantly updated technical selling point, together with performance advantages and good prices and service can we achieve sustainable development.