Computer Programs

Types of programs to destination is known, each program is responsible for their own, specific area of work. Some help to create the text or graphics to others – to establish order on your hard drive, and others – to work on the Internet Sometimes it seems that many programs – so maybe their categories. And partly this is true – look at the impressive and green tree groups, which became The content of this article. However, for some diligence You can try to reduce the abundance of all the software to several major sections. Spoil classifiers and we created a small 'periodic plate programs' System program first and most extensive group of programs with which we are confronted, are system programs. System – means necessary to ensure the normal operation of the computer, its maintenance and configuration.

These programs are primarily operating system. And a number of subsidiary small programs – utilities. Operating System – this is the first and chief mediator between the computer 'hardware' and everything else, heart and soul of the computer. No operating system – and your computer will be unable to accept any one team – even the boot fails. The choice of operating systems for the home user today is small. More precisely, it is not at all. Microsoft Windows – a recognized standard.

And anywhere you will not get away from him as he tried That's why talking about operating systems in this article, we will not. Utilities. Under this name hides a tremendous amount of useful programmok intended to improve the performance of your computer.

The System

WIndows xp – a system that allows to work in Terminal mode, has the ability to operate simultaneously unlimited number of users, while adding utility Desktop manager, allows you to work simultaneously on four desktops. Improved installation process equipment, system recovery, expanded and improved tools for working with the Internet, to improve the means of protection, added a firewall or firewall software, integrated tools for remote management. Is more efficient, secure and stable. Optimized to perform common tasks: working with digital images, work with music and video files – an efficient search, download and storage; quick and easy organization of public access to a computer and a lightweight approach to creating a home network, an effective means of communication for instant messaging for voice and videoconferencing, as well as collaboration. This is the first Microsoft operating system with a fully customizable interface. There is support for writing CD-R and CD-RW discs at the level of the os (you can work with "blanks", like floppy disks). The main difference between Windows xp Professional, a software compatibility of programs developed under FAT32 c ntfs. xp is fully 32-bit multitasking operating system with priority.

There is a possibility of the system in various network environments, support for file system NTFS5, NTFS4, FAT16 and FAT32. Most of the applications written under msdos, W9x, NT4, as well as some of the programs under os / 2 and posix run and operated without problems. built-in xp compatibility mode with old os (Wibdows 95, Windows 98/Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000).