Special Theory

A coordinate transformation allows to compare the individual clocks to each other. Clearly, it is important to define a reference point of the process and it is important to clarify offered the choice point of reference. Does not require any proof of the fact: if a supernova flared up at a distance of one billion light-years, and the light reached us in this moment, the supernova flared up to us to this moment, and not billion years ago. There is Einstein's idea of the possibility to synchronize the time at all points of the universe to the one from ISO (the technical difficulties of, say, do not scare as he claimed). Sync, of course, can not let the opponents will try to synchronize time at a remote one billion light years away. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. But this idea is Einstein's possible to create a comprehensive study of the theory – Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity for the same fictitious time at all points of the universe for one ISO. However, some conclusions of this theory can be used, for example, for this model.

In particular – reduce the size of the move. After all, it is clear that the signal sent by a billion years ago and the signal sent by a nanosecond ago, for a certain particle is the same, and his arrival means the countdown to zero for particles and for the process that sent the signal. It is therefore possible comparison points of reference only using light signal, and the beginning of a process – it sends a signal to other processes, and the beginning of another process – this is the parish sent a signal. The signal can fly a billion light years away, but both processes begin in one time (time) – time 0. This method is infinitely easier "synchronizing" and more true. In fact, get the coordinates q instead of t. We find that q – a model of time. A extension Universe corresponds to the positive direction of time. April 2, 2011 Igor Elkin