The Basis

Blockages occur when the EGO sets the tone the ego of a person is vulnerable, feels often attacked and tries constantly to confirm. It constantly has the feeling that something is missing. A little success, a little, a little prestige or a little money. “The ego of a man is vulnerable, often attacked and tried to constantly confirm feels” but no matter in what manner or strength the ego makes itself felt, it forms the basis for blocks for everyone. While the ego tries to separate things, to distinguish, to gain uniqueness, is the true and fulfilling insight into the fact that it is exactly reversed. And then we are talking about a completely different level.

With the heart or soul. This level is characterized by solidarity, wholeness and perfection. So the opposite of what the ego is trying to achieve. When you work with energy, you feel this comprehensive power and at the same time training the eye of what interrupts this positive energy, which leads to blockages. The success of the ego a great breeding ground for blockages is the decisive criterion for a possible categorization of success like that Ratio is between success and what you must do. That is, the success is only the natural product of what we like to do what we consider our task in our life, so you could classify this success in the category of “Soul success”. Conversely, that understanding of success in this, this is the the primary goal for doing, can be described as the “success of the ego”. The ego and the discontent an inner dissatisfaction is starting point for this latter category, be generated in turn by the ego (the soul knows about their perfection) can. From this inner restlessness out evolving notions of future States (goals), the permanent feeling of “there is still something missing” seemingly can transform into a feeling of peace or inner peace.