What Is Absinthe Really ?

It is not fixed by law, which is actually Absinthe (Absinthe is not a protected trade mark) – and because "historically correct" absinthe not only from distilled extracts of wormwood and anise, but additionally a variety of other high quality herbs, which after the distillation were added, and power through its chlorophyll, the green color of Absinthe shaped. The high alcohol content can be explained by the chlorophyll, as this would fall at lower concentrations of alcohol in a short time. Really good buy Absinthe is not a matter of luck, even if one can hardly distinguish bad from the outside of a good Absinthe. But the fact is that a particularly Thujolgehalt advertised and a very high sugar content does not necessarily testify to the quality of the absinthe. Good Absinthe is relatively expensive, and it is definitely a matter of trust, in which absinthe shop to buy these, and also whether to trust a possible recommendation will.

Particularly in view of this fact one should not afraid to spend a little more money for a bottle of absinthe – and to choose the better. A look at various Internet sites about absinthe can not hurt when it comes to finding really good absinthe. There are quite a number of people who test and evaluate different products – and deal with it well aware of the composition of absinthe, and to what extent this correlates with the historical models. This may well provide clues as to what Absinthe is now really good – even if we must ultimately assess such information is always subject to change, after all, this also influenced strongly subjective.