Technology in Argentina

Atento Argentina constellation of human settlements, its potential for public policies or activities business, family or community of devolution, and bearing in mind that this constellation was generated in a substantive way by rail. And also, taking into account the process of dismantling the railway track closure and removal of branches, we understand that in each branch or inoperable railway track now have to think of technology attentive blimps its growing economic and versatility (This is it can build and design an airship for each type of traffic). As we pointed out the "disruptive" technology of the "lighter than air" is not limited to transport, but extends to telecommunications. That is, each airship a significantly lower cost can support the communication technologies and information, including WI-FI mode, which is broadband, "which uses the same type of cellular telephony. Although at the time caused the hilarity of a friend of ours, biotechnology applied to draft horses and materials type lightweight carbon fiber, plastic or aluminum, applied to the construction of carriages, can replace the tractors used in human settlements for the provision of public services cleaning. And the list of alternative and creative possibilities does not end. In this regard we continue reporting, with appropriate updates, the initiative to present Jose Maria Sarobe in his book "La Patagonia and its Problems" in the sense of Bactrian camels to bring Argentine deserts which are worth remembering more than half the surface of the Continental Argentina, given the versatility of such animals, which far outweigh the benefits currently offered its South American equivalent, the flames.