Lumiere Screen

Two well-known and most popular film by Louis Lumiere – 'Arrival of a Train' and 'watered waterer' – outline the future development of cinema. Louis Lumiere's first film 'Out with plant "almost wore advertising. He first exhibited at the conference dedicated to the development of photographic France. Rushing to leave workers in a wide skirts and hats with feathers, working, leading their Bicycles, give our eyes to this the usual honor of a naive charm. After the workers – in a carriage drawn by two horses, rode the factory owners, for whom the porter shut vorota.Neozhidanno series of film was not only the family album, but the social document which captures life richest French family at the end of the last century. gree. Lumiere shows a picture of a lasting prosperity, and viewers see themselves in screen as they are, or what would be.

In the 'Arrival of a Train' locomotive emerging from the depths of the screen, flock to the audience, forcing them to jump from their seats for fear of being overwhelmed. Audiences identified objects apparatus, his 'eye', with their own eyes. For the first time the unit became a kind of actor the film. In this movie, by Louis Lumiere used all the possibilities inherent in the lens with longer focal length. The first screen showed an overall plan and working the empty station, passing with a cart on the platform.

Then appears on the horizon rapidly growing black spot. Soon the engine takes up almost the entire screen, is rapidly advancing on the audience. Wagons stop at the platform. A crowd of passengers sent to the cars, among them the mother of Lumiere, a Scottish cloak, with two grandchildren. The car doors open, passengers enter and exit. Between them two unwitting 'stars' movie a young peasant from Provence, with a stick in his hand, and a very beautiful young girl, dressed all in white. After seeing the machine, the girl stopped in indecision, but, after recovering from embarrassment in front of the lens is to sit in the car. The farmer and the girl were taken very close up, very clearly. At the same time plans were not filmed separately, and were the result of a peculiar version of 'Travelling' (taken from the movement). Filming camera moved, and, conversely, all objects change perspective gives the same variety of plans, as well as consistent with the current installation. In general, the train became a symbol of cinema. The new film 'watered waterer' not have the technical merits of 'Arrival of a Train. " The secret of his success was laid in the script. The plot is simple: a little boy puts his foot on the rubber sleeve, what are the concern of irrigators, and sends him in the face of the jet water at a time when he inspects the hose. In January 1896, in the 'Big Cafe demonstrated shot' shooting backward 'film' The destruction of the wall. " Through this technique, used since at zootropah, it seemed that suddenly the wall recovering from a cloud of dust.

The Director

14. So called rough animation created by artists – fazirovschikami. They have a job to competent distribution frames, which they gave to the work of animators, as well as smoothing the created animation. 15. The resulting images again with the help of digitization in the computer record and serve as a basis to create and calculate the real camera movement and editing. 16. The operators, in turn, look angles from the virtual camera in pseudo-(virtual space), define the direction of movement, draw and multiply the secondary characters, which do not require fine detail. So it is placing the characters in the a given scene, and other ideas are embodied filmmaker cartoon.

17. Next stage of the primary rough animation installed in accordance with predetermined movement of cameras and edited at the same time. 18. Roughly speaking this the first preparatory stage of the work is finished and there comes the most critical moment for the whole team of artists and animators. Their job is now based on the director, who looks at footage draft version. All thoughts and new ideas to refine or redesign it documented on paper and once again pays to work. Successful scenes are the work further – synchronized dialogue samples from lip movements of characters and their facial expressions. Same finalized all the animation characters created by Russian cartoon.

19. Of running and jumping contours drawn characters have made the same ones we see on the screen – that is, is bringing them to final form 20. So it is dorisovki intermediate movement between the key phases, ie given the smoothness and naturalness of movement on stage. 21. Now comes the more tedious work – it is necessary that the surroundings in frame was realistic and was an integral part of it. As the water flows, moving the leaves on the trees and bear fur is growing in the wind a scarf Masha or snowing – all these animations, which give a realistic cartoon. 22. Rough animation effects as being approved and can not be refined once the animators. 23. Computer graphics – this is a separate lot of talk. In modern cartoons, and Masha and the Bear in the among other things, is usually used to create realistic background scenery and backgrounds. Just use it to create special effects and animation of inanimate objects in the movie, including vehicles. Then. During composition is the reduction of hand-drawn animation and computer graphics. I think this can be summed up staging the first part of the story of how complex the process of creating cartoons in modern animation. You can read the continuation of the second paragraph, how to create cartoons.