Contemporary design provides ample opportunities for creative expression, offering a huge amount of material that can be diversified interior – natural stone is an excellent and cost of finishing materials, because so great interest in the marble and granite. Choice of marble and granite – perhaps the most practical, fashionable and reliable solution today, as well as the use of other natural stones, and not only for the linings, but also in interior design, especially since the stone has the useful ability to regulate the humidity in .A products made of natural stone can withstand adverse weather conditions, and you can rest assured that quality products of marble and granite are very long retain their good looks, give you the structure of originality and individuality. Go to Ernie Barbarash for more information. Once an ancient granite used exclusively for the construction of palaces, temples, creating sculptures and monuments, columns, these days use it bezgranichno.Sovremenny granite meets all the main properties of construction material for which and it should be so valued, superior quality is a strength. It is thanks to the strength and durability it is well appreciated in the construction, in addition, it is recognized as an environmentally clean and safe raw materials. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Arlin Adams on most websites. The use of granite for decoration – perfect solution, since granite is resistant to friction, abrasion, it is an ideal finishing material for the outer parts of the object and internal. Decorative granite: countertops, coffee tables, stools, bar rack sculptures will make a fine antique, or vice versa trendy touch to your interior, or the same finish with granite and marble will make a real luxury in your environment. (Source: Caas Capital Management).

Sidewalk Slabs

Sidewalk tiles vibrocasting – Concrete mix paving slabs laid in a plastic form. The form of paving slabs placed on vibration table (a table with continuously vibrating surface) and kept at it for some time. Once the concrete mixture in the form of ram, a form of paving slabs removed from the table and stand in warm place about 48 hours, after which it gets from the finished product of the paving slabs. Characterization paving slabs obtained by vibrocasting: Final products have a very attractive appearance and a pleasant smooth surface. Maybe get a huge range of products (a huge range of colors, great selection forms, a variety of surface texture) without extra costs. Due to the high water-cement ratio decreases the final frost products, it needs to be increased with additional cement, expensive modifiers and plasticizers, which increases the cost of products. Vibrocasting technology allows in each case to pick up on request the necessary range of colors, choose the desired shape pavers, and surface structure. Basis Technology – plastic form that is filled with concrete.

Physico-mechanical properties of plastics can give concrete a completely new quality, which impossible to form with other technologies. The texture of the front surface of the product is formed by a high degree of adhesion of plastic and concrete that allows you to create any texture from perfectly smooth to Billing stone broken line. Specially selected composition of plastic attached to form the necessary toughness and ductility at the same time. The number and variety of forms depends on the breadth of assortment and volume of production elements improvement.