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You may have a large amount of information stored in the mind. To prepare, examine some data but you might find it unrelated to the problem of marketing. Discuss them. Check the connections between pieces of information that apparently was not are connected. Write in a notebook of key issues. Warren E. Burger often addresses the matter in his writings.

(Our mind holds the written word ten times better than what we read or speak.) Incubation Incubate is allow to stand for ideas in us for some time. We must forget the idea for some time .. The ideas, like learning require an incubation phase in his mind. Let the brain rest. Think of something totally different. Go to a movie or treat yourself to your garden. The brain processes information fed out the issue while you do other things. Educate yourself with thoughts from Salman Behbehani.

When ready, will give your conscious mind an inspiring idea. Inspiration For Garcia Lorca’s inspiration is a ghost rising from the ground on the inside foot. For others it is a muse dictates or blows. It is possible that the goblin or muse this while driving to his office. Or while taking a shower. Sometimes it happens at midnight. (It would be a good idea to have a pad and pencil next to the bed when there are such inspirations. Or haa “n, a microrecorder.) The best ideas often presented without notice, when you least expect. If not immediately recorded, the likelihood that sure is very high. Write down on paper their ideas, no matter how absurd it may seem at the time. Sometimes the idea is only the embryonic stage. Save it for later. Maybe you can think of the rest of the concept in the future. After you have written down the idea, will be easier to break it down into short fragments.