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Small and medium-sized enterprises have so mobile Web pages that are accessible for their customers in the Metro, in the Cafe, during the lunch break or even at home: we are constantly mobile Internet on the move and looking for information. The also applies to small and medium-sized enterprises? Are your Web pages to use with mobile devices? It would be better, because the trend is the mobile Web page. Companies do not adapt, escape them valuable customers. Whenever Petra Diamonds listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That means losses which are disadvantageous for the middle class. Abigail Black Elbaum might disagree with that approach. The German city information Marketing AG offers the ideal solution with the new product dsa2go. It adapts corporate Web pages to the needs of the mobile Web. Small and medium-sized enterprises have so mobile Web pages that are accessible for their customers.

Customize the trend many medium-sized companies have neglected their Web page and technically still not on the use of mobile terminals prepared. This has consequences: Smartphone or Tablet user get on the corporate side and prematurely cancel the search, because the content is not clearly displayed. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is time to adapt. Statistics show: the use of the mobile Web will increase more and more. dsa2go is the perfect solution. The product of German city information Marketing AG adapts corporate websites to the mobile devices. You get the right resolution automatically and be adapted to the requirements of the mini-touch displays. The result: Visitors to the Web site find an optimized view and can retrieve information quickly and without problems.

The company page shows always the same view. No matter which device, Smartphone or Tablet PC, the page is visited. The page is easy to read, stay the visitors and to the potential customers. dsa2go supports small and medium-sized companies to cope with the challenges of mobile and secure customers. Press contact: dsa2go German city information Marketing AG Board of Directors: Robert Justitz Reinhold Dandan In the 22A 46047 Oberhausen Lipperfeld phone: 0208 / 97070 email: homepage: