Business Family

Will the Protocol have any incidence in the continuity of the family business? The answer is Yes, especially when it has been prepared and implemented in its entirety. All comparison is odious, but Chile estimates that slightly less than 30% and 13% of family businesses, reach successfully the second and third generation respectively, figures which contrast with 20% and 5% of Peruvian businesses. Just look at investments in the country’s South in ours, to confirm many of these belong to families entrepreneurs. In Peru, very few families have achieved success in the generational transition. Just remember names of family businesses, many of whom took the surname of the founder himself, and that no longer exist or are held by other investors. Large national companies, very few manage to achieve the third generation, and small and medium businesses, the majority disappears in the first or the second generation transit.

In Peru, the only family that has been publicly reported with this instrument is the Wong family, owner of the company that bears his name; without a doubt, this will be an important support in their development process, the same for all those families who have prepared and successfully implemented. We have talked with entrepreneurs who did not achieve success in their family business continuity, and we did a question that may seem provocative: you thought damage to your business and/or your family when he did interact with the first to the second?, it is obvious that the unanimous answer was: NO. And, then, what happened?, why good intentions ended up affecting the source of value in the family and in some cases, soured relations and/or family economy? Generally, this arises from the lack of knowledge of existing in a family business interactions and the consequential confusion which this generates, which can be provided for when the family participates in the process of elaborating its Protocol. Prepare and implement the Protocol, should be seen as one opportunity to take advantage of, is how to use a vaccine that already exists, but is not a panacea where the family or company will be immune to the conflicts, yes they will be in a better position to cope with difficult situations, e, even, to make them less frequent.