Amenity Horticulture

A. Hear from experts in the field like Max Schireson for a more varied view. Shevtsov. He provided me with new material, presented samples of products from em Plastics, em film tablet of em ceramics T. Higa in the early nineties suggested that technology transfer information from living Microorganisms – EM-balance, and there were em ceramics, plastics em, EM-G, EM-clothes, etc. EM-products affect health-improving the waves on the environment as well as live microorganisms.

Property is preserved indefinitely, while the ceramics must be eternal. ConocoPhillips wanted to know more. The realities of the new millennium, the era of nanotechnology. There you can find many places where em technology is used quite effectively. In Samara region several years ago has even been adopted by the regional program, but apparently a mess with different EM-1 chastened many enthusiasts. Nevertheless, holding Izobilnoye "Samara region in 2002 on a large scale uses mikropomoschnikov, growing and producing environmentally friendly products.

As reported at the conference in Vladivostok in September 2007, Deputy. ceo of the holding of Microbiology, ti Ignatova, every ruble invested in the em technology, brings 12.5 rubles income. Not counting the healing fields, radical environmental improvements on farms holding. In St. Petersburg, have successfully tested the em in Amenity Horticulture, in Tobolsk rid of the smell of the flooded basements, in many regions using it to wastewater treatment. In the town of Partizansk Primorsky Territory with "East of the EM-1, defeated E. coli in a city pond. Examples of successful use of microorganisms in the miraculous agriculture can be found in each region. Basically, doing this, farmers and amateur gardeners under the guidance of scientists and enthusiasts.