Coffee Recipes

The word recipe, derived from the Latin word recipe (“take”) and receptus (“ent-/erhalten”), a sequence of statements regarding the steps and procedures for the manufacture of new products in various matrices is. Also contains information about the recipe mixing ratios, and the ingredients list. In the specific case of coffee recipes, this means, first, a list of all ingredients, and the other a most concise instructions for preparation. Basic ingredients of a recipe for coffee are usually freshly brewed coffee or espresso, and milk or cream. To recipe or taste can be used as additional ingredients, for example, different spirits like rum, tequila, vodka and coffee liqueur like Mary or Tia Kahlua.

Here, the diversity and creativity with regard to the enjoyment of coffee are no limits. Through trial and error most varied coffees can be extended not only his horizons in terms of preparation techniques and flavors, but coffee consumption allows immersed in foreign cultures and this “first hand” witness. Meeting at the end examples of this include the Cafe Mexico, which, characterized by the flavors of Kahluas, tequila and shortened the time until the next holiday in Mexico in the most pleasant. Or it was the Pharisees, when their consumption is dipped into the rough and stormy world of North Friesland. It should however be observed in every recipe that this only as an aid in the preparation of, in this case, is specialty coffee. Thus, it is expressly permitted by the recipe and cooking tricks to new creations to expand and thus make the perfect recipe for themselves.