Economic Democracy

We followed the same problems as usual with 20 million Mexicans in extreme poverty, the corruption that has made us much harm. The Mexican forgives Fox and Calderon chooses which one of his proposals was to remove the holding, so far not done so already, that if all this fighting against drug trafficking, we hope that this fight is real and not pure diplomacy deceive people. I turn to ask is it achieved what he wanted with the independence and revolution?. I see the same problems they had, poor distribution of power, poor distribution of the coin, only a few rich and many poor, is the same problem they were peasants against landlords. Where is this free democracy where we choose the best and not to the best of the worst, Aya enough of corruption, deceit and false promises is time for people to choose the best, not people, that for-profit seek power for its own sake, it is time for Mexico to a step of maturity and demand better candidates to parties with a real idea of the nation that seeks to end poverty and insecurity! Where are the ideals that have long fought our ancenstros? On where equal opportunities, fair distribution of goods, objective and effective administration of the state and power, where is democracy? What would Hidalgo, Juarez and Morelos if they saw our current situation? It is time for the people to manifest and put a stop to the senior officials who is not seeking the good of the country’s vast and choose candidates always corrupt, vote for the best of the best, and if now there is no candidate who convinces you your vote as an expression no longer is there a time that real change for the good of society and if our great Constitution allows for a vote for candidates win elections corrupt, should not affect us, we must continue to demonstrate that the change of, as you know is not the same having won 80 million votes to 20 million, the legality of winning candidates would come down and this could cause the parties if they really think how to choose and rule is not adequate. A year and a half of our bicentennial a change in the form of government and think it is extremely necessary.