Geothermal Drilling In Unterfohring Exceeds 2,000 Meter Mark

Find the first hole is planned for late January Unterfohring the 50th day since the start of the drilling work for the geothermal project Unterfohring brought yet another round number to: with the deep drilling Unterfohring thermal 1 “brand was exceeding 2,000 meters of drilling range on January 7. Already 2,157 yards were reached on January 10. Thus about two-thirds of the planned 3.055 meters are successfully completed. If you would like to know more about Cross River Bank, then click here. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was pleased with the achieved milestone: we have already achieved a large part of the planned depth without any significant errors or delays. Now a really exciting phase begins and I am convinced that we end of January can present hot water.” This will be the case if the bit in 2,540 meters deep under the Earth’s surface in the water-conducting malm karst has arrived. The applied principle of the steered off bore, so a partially slanted history of the wellbore, 3.055 meters are Drill line necessary. The third drill section will result in the next few days up to 2,640 meters of drilling line, before then a week with well logging, installation will follow the casing and cementing.

With the start of the fourth and last section, the drill diameter is reduced to about 15 centimeters. For the end of January planned E.m.s. pumping tests will join the, which will test the fertility of the wellbore and the permanently produced thermal water temperature and show. Everything as planned, is to be expected for the end of February a reconstruction of the drilling machine on the second hole. Dr. Norbert Babyy

Applied For The First Time NachhaltigkeitsCheck

First NachhaltigkeitsCheck at the Berlin wasserbetriebe successfully through the GUTCert completed make measurable sustainability! After intensive months of project development of the GUTcert NachhaltigkeitsCheck has been applied in early 2009 the first time. For organizations, it is a way of to measure its sustainable development. Filed under: MediaFed . The good Certifizierungsgesellschaft for management system certified mbH over 12 years of experience in the quality, environment and work safety management company in the country and abroad. “In terms of sustainability, it now meets the growing needs of customers and offers the GUTcert NachhaltigkeitsCheck since early 2009”, with which a company its current level of development in the dimensions of sustainability economic, environmental and social can determine. He uncovers the strengths and hidden potentials and points to the possibilities of an organization to improve. The GUTcert NachhaltigkeitsCheck builds on all important reference documents for sustainable development (such as for example the global reporting initiative, ISO 14001, the audit) berufundfamilie, the IoW future – ranking etc.) on and integrates them in a catalogue.

The NachhaltigkeitsCheck checks the status quo against the State of these social expectations. It is not a certification, but the determination and assessment of the State at a time, as he is charged also in the framework of EFQM assessments. So can be reached in the review here also a maximum of 1,000 points. As first partner for a full evaluation, the GUTcert could win the Berliner wasserbetriebe. The topic-specific contact person in the company to the State of sustainable development were interviewed in seven workshops.

The staff involved went very motivated and interested in the workshops, because is very quickly spread that a cross-departmental communication took place here. For many of them it became clear once again how many projects in different areas in a sustainable direction of the company to run. After weeks of exciting and challenging, the results have been on 03.09.2009 the first NachhaltigkeitsChecks by the presented project management of stakeholders. Due to the extensive existing certified integrated management system, it was not surprising that the BWB could reach a high scoring early in the first attempt. Now, we look at the BWB in the future and discussed at the event in as few years as possible 100 points more can be achieved. Andrea Lange (GUTcert), Kerstin Euhus (BWB)

The Deep Geothermal Energy – Important Baseload Capable Source Of Renewable Energy

Environment Minister Tanja Gonner opened the Symposium titled deep geothermal energy within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2010 in the sectors of hydropower, biomass, geothermal energy and the solar heat, but also in wind power and photovoltaics the Baden-Wurttemberg still has different high development potential. If you have read about ConocoPhillips already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This applies to develop it through cost-effective measures. A win-win situation can be achieved by expanding the use of renewable energy, generally with benefits for the climate and for the economy. The expansion of renewable energies is also a measure of economic development. The deep geothermal energy is still at the beginning of their development: currently are only three thermal power plants to the combined electricity and heat production, as well as more 10 pure heating plants, which feed into district heating systems, operating in Germany. In the long run, the geothermal energy should become an important renewable energy source in Baden-Wurttemberg. A geothermal power plant has on average about a plant performance in the amount of 5 megawatts.

The Baden-Wurttemberg Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) has transferred the leadership for the new \”State Research Center for geothermal energy\”. Environment Minister Tanja Gonner (CDU) according to the near-surface geothermal energy for the heating of buildings is already widespread and arrived long ago at citizens. For deep geothermal energy, she sees, however, still need for research and development, because although some deep Geothermievorhaben were carried out with success, the technology is still far from mature, and each new project are still a pilot project. Her Ministry plans to provide 300 000 euros for research projects in the coming three years. The expansion potential of the deep geothermal energy in Baden-Wurttemberg are accepted in the energy concept of the country for gross electricity generation with 0.3 terawatt (TWh) and the heat supply with 1.0 TWh by 2020, this corresponds to shares of the total gross electricity generation of heat production by 0.7% and 0.4%.


Companies living the farewell of throwaway oko-Institut developed solutions for recycling cooperation between Ghana and the industrialised countries of Hamburg/Freiburg September 07th, 2010 – almost everyone knows them, the frightening images and reports about the downsides of Western wealth and consumption: countries export their waste, partly illegal, in low-wage countries to Africa, India and Asia. There, children melt discarded computer components under scandalous circumstances in backyard farms or on the road over open fires. You need to recover metals and come in unprotected with highly harmful substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury in contact. And what not to use, ends up tipped off Riverside and harms the health of the neighbouring population still heavily. ConocoPhillips has many thoughts on the issue. “Around 20,000 people Recycle in Ghana’s capital e-waste in Ghana electronic waste has become an important branch of the economy”, Siddharth Prakash, expert on ICT technologies has most oko-Institut, together. Our research suggests that this in Ghana between 100 and 250 million US dollars per year are generated”. Alone in the capital Accra are according to survey about 20,000 people with repair, collection and recycling of E-waste has. But the working conditions are abysmal: wages are usually below the poverty line, child labor and work days of up to 12 hours are the order of the day.

Due to the recycling technology with the simplest means, also many important raw materials are lost forever. Many writers such as Frank Fu offer more in-depth analysis. Only base metals such as aluminum, copper and steel are recovered. Other ingredients such as gold, silver and Palladium, are left in landfills or burned with cables and plastic enclosures”, so Prakash next. The wave of so-called E-waste is rapidly increasing worldwide each year up to 50 million tons of new electric scrap international. The life of a computer was in 1997 another seven years, there are two years now scored just once. Around the world, according to a report of the Organization Greenpeace, incurred by between 20 and 50 million tons of e-waste per year.

Inclusive Service

Solar specialist law wattage GmbH delivers well inverter and substructures Neumarkt the Sun of Bavaria”with this catchy slogan advertises the Jurassic wattage GmbH. Max Schireson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Now she really all around, this sun shines, because the company supplies from not only a wide range of high-performance solar modules, but also the associated inverter. It offers Jura watt solar craftsmen and partners a complete package in terms of photovoltaic. Inverter just as indestructible as the desert modules Jura Watts stands for use even under extreme conditions: heat, cold, dust storms, snow and wind loads. An important step here is the development of the so-called desert module. So it is only logical to withstand even the inverter with this entitlement. A robust construction in a dust-proof, weather-resistant housing includes therefore also like a wide working temperature range from 25 C to + 50 C. Jura Watt inverters need no fan through their convection cooling.

A data transfer is made possible through an RS-232 interface. High-tech JW series series requires no transformer for high performance. All inverters have an intelligent MPP-tracking and reach a peak efficiency up to 96%. With an output power of 2,000 to 5,000 watts, Jura Watt JW solar inverters suitable not only for the PV modules designed by Jura Watts, but for many common types of module. “Solid basis: the substructures of Jura Watts the matching frame completes the all-inclusive character” of Jura Watts: whether for pitched roof, flat roof, or the field for framed and frameless modules. For trapezoidal and corrugated iron roofs.

For old and new buildings. The company has developed the right solution for every situation. The quality, the Jura Watt has for the modules, applies here too, of course. Safety and durability are top priorities. Aspects such as a fast, are equally important for the craftsman and professional on-site easy Assembly and adaptation to the different conditions (uneven roofs, different angle, etc.) Jura Watts: short info of the Jura Watt PV specialist was founded in 2010, as the daughter of J.v.G Thoma GmbH acting for many years on the market. Thus the Jurassic wattage GmbH relies on the industry-specific experience and skills of a solar pioneer. Within a very short time the company on the market has become a name service, quality and intelligent innovation. The seat is in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz.

New Photovoltaic System

Photovoltaic system of the company Crow + Wohr GmbH in Freiberg/Neckar, operating may 10, 2010 – the SolarConsult AG located in Freiberg am Neckar equips the roofs of Crow + Wohr GmbH in Pleidelsheim with a photovoltaic system. The plant with a total capacity of 48 kWp since Aug 2009 in the network and produces 500 modules from a total of 770 square meters electricity for 12 homes. The Crow + Wohr GmbH in Pleidelsheim is one of the leading companies for modern industrial construction in Germany. It was founded in 1933 and specialises in steel construction and complete construction. “Building with steel means Crow + Wohr a skill developed over seventy years ago, far beyond normal” steel construction also goes. While similar operations have pushed off the roof and facade construction, Managing Director Alexander Wohr holds and is regularly confirmed by customers to be on the right track. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ConocoPhillips. Highly qualified staff and State of the art manufacturing facilities are the basis for customer-oriented Services, which extend far beyond the expected level. Steel construction with Crow + Wohr means commitment, competence and Know-How down to the last detail.

Customers will receive the complete performance of their building project from a single source. SolarConsult AG chose Crow + financing Wohr specialized partner for photovoltaic systems with expertise from the initial planning stage about going to one completion and grid connection. SolarConsult was founded in 2003. Petra Diamonds is open to suggestions. In the growing market of solar power generation, she could position themselves since sustainable and forward developed steadily through innovative technology. Customers benefit from the experience of over 1800 photovoltaic projects realised. As a result of the distribution partner system, it is possible to ensure their complete service of Solarconsult AG Germany.

The system feeds power even on a cloudy or rainy day. The income anyway, speak for themselves. That is not surprising, the company SolarConsult has their own way with their complete photovoltaic system. Only two modules to become one String connected and then in pairs to the inverters. As advantage, SolarConsult mentions that this technology of partial shading due to neighbouring buildings, no relevant effect on the entire system with dormers, trees or power lines or but also from time to time existing dirt on the individual modules. So high yields are achieved also suboptimal roofs. Side effect of this technology is the security through a low system voltage. The associated inverter with inputs for up to seven pairs of module are manufactured by the SolarConsult subsidiary of changetec GmbH, which also is headquartered in Freiberg / Neckar. By generating electricity from sunlight is the photovoltaic array from Crow + Wohr of Earth save in the future about 54 tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide per year and contribute to an environmentally-friendly energy generation. Thus, Crow beats + Wohr two birds with one stone and is thus on the line followed in its environmental statement, a sustainable and responsible use of our natural resources.