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It is very important to implement the rule of 90/10 to your marketing with email campaign. ) 0% of emails should be to provide value, through information, advice, training, recommendations. 10% Of your mail should be related to promotion and marketing of your products or services. Your call to action or promotion may be in your proposal of sales at the end of the e-mail. This may be something like this, I’ve been using this tactic with excellent results to grow my business, the information found in the you can also use the marketing by email to promote products or services of third parties through affiliate programs, where your readers can learn more about a technique specified in Internet marketing. This provides value to them because that guides them toward a good source or tool that you may find useful. And if they decide to purchase the product, you win a Commission. Having an e-mail marketing campaign can be simple and very cost effective if you follow these steps: 1.-introduction or icebreaker: helps reduce scepticism and build trust.

2 Educa: lets you give value sharing contents of high quality, tips, recommendations. 3 Trains: Select a marketing technique and teaching it. Adds to the fine your post a recommendation to lead your prospect to the site that you want to view. 4 Promotes/Pre-sale: select a program or product to promote and writes a very light promotion about the benefits and features and suggest them take a look. 5 Apply the 90/10 rule: offers 90% of value and 10% of promotion in your emails. If you use email to promote your products or programs, I recommend you implement these tips, you’ll see that they work well.