Formula Business

There are tools that help us to collect, organize, and interpret key information when conducting a business idea. Some are market research, analysis SWOT (SWOT in English), business plan, among others. A basic formula for a business is the binomial product market. Often companies manage different ways of doing business, ways that translate into product and market. What I sell and sell it to who? And the answer basically gives it to the customer, identifying it based on key factors of? success. Those who are necessary elements to occupy the leadership in your market. What is essential.

Identify features that meet the needs of the client. Apart from the product-market combination, might be called half of satisfaccion-necesidad binomial. Examples: to establish a typical restaurant, not sold food, sold tradition if you want to sell juices, sells health and freshness. It is not only to sell financial services, it is safety. Is not only a Internet page, is up-to-date, valuable and free information.

ste concept aims at focused growth, i.e. the concentration of efforts where it is strongest. The importance of this approach is that it will guide you to increase value to its offer and to innovate with true orientation to the client is as well as the correct definition of the binomial product-market, enabling a complete description of the product and the categorization of customer groups that directs our business, will give us a profile with a unique competitive concept. If we break this strategy will identify in the following way: find a market by identifying existing needs determine the means to meet those needs (product or service) manage mechanisms to offer those media dissemination of the existence of a proposal for a product with a few attributes to the preferences and needs of the consumer. I wish you many successes by introducing this strategy into their businesses.