Photo Albums

The photographs represent important memories of our lives. Whether a family album, a collection of snapshots of children or photos of a newly born, all those important events can be captured and saved to enjoy them within years. The important thing is to preserve these memories, in addition to preserving them for the future, it is very interesting to be able to choose the decoration of the photobooks. How can photos I save in a safe way? You have to scan and save photos on DVD. Store images on the hard disk of the computer carries risks: it may be damaged and we would end up by losing the copies of the photos. As a safe alternative, we recommend using a charge for Internet service.

In addition to being able to enjoy them on an attractive album, we will have the security of knowing that there are copies stored elsewhere. To attach photos, a role that has no acids should be used. Construction paper, which is often used in crafts, is not designed to work with photos and could damage them. In addition, to preserve photos in good state must use plastic covers that do not contain PVC. As safe alternatives are the mylar, polyethylene or polypropylene. You should not use current tape to stick the photos in the album.

With the passage of time it yellow and could boot pieces of photos trying to take them off. At photography stores will recommend an appropriate adhesive. We keep photos in a box, whether to put separators between them or separate them with acid-free papers, since if the photos are stacked, the moisture will damage them and could even destroy them. Another important detail is you should not write directly about the photos. Although, if we chose to write on the back, better avoid the normal pens, since the tip pressure damages the image of the other side.