Original System

The work of the Manager can be considered the prediction of the future consequences (the chain of effects) that will produce the decisions taken at the present time and in certain circumstances. Since then, not be expected that no administrator view all interdependencies and all chains of effects, since there are an infinite number of interactions and effects in any complex system or decision-making situation. However, you can do so within the context of a model of systems; You can use a handles for example, known decision tree, the Monte Carlo method. Remember that decision tree is designed to be extended into the future, much as that future can view rationally, and incorporate the description of States factors deemed important for the proposed purposes. It is therefore important the systems approach, since management cannot predict systems without therefore being a witch; You can integrate the different predictions in the model and use it to formulate evaluations and global predictions of alternative actions.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind, that the dynamic nature of a system is one of the characteristics that should be considered when designing and using a system. All dynamic system have their development natural phases and rightly recognize these phases allows management properly control what happens and use to their advantage the characteristics of these phases. Entire system evolves according to a natural order of activities and thought ranging from conceptualization to implementation. However. So the concept of the life cycle of the total system to be operationally useful for administrators, should be feasible to assess the status of a system as it progresses in its different stages. Scholars of systems and the same professional experience indicate that the administrator can extend ideas of systems to reform their knowledge on how to operate them, to predict developments, to assist in the evaluation of alternative courses, and to include aspects of environmental system in all of them.