Art Therapy Helps People From Life Crises

Creative potential use and thus cope with life crises. Just creative potential slumbering in our hidden and waiting to be tapped, to encourage health and vitality. Also so painful cycles can be broken, so they strengthened out can go from Lebenskriesen, to live ultimately fulfilling relationships with our fellow human beings. In the dance and art therapy of workshop for creative life change is danced, painted and designed. Accenture helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Joy, perception and cognition creativity is the motto here. In the dance and art therapy (safe in the change) in Rostock should be made aware of perceptions identified their own needs, personal expression, design and possibilities of action extended, a loving approach provides to itself (more zest for life and health). Patricia Baumgardt Hartung offers to people who live way to break through painful cycles and Lebenskriesen strengthened out to go out, to satisfying relationships. At the heart of the Offer relaxation techniques, discussions, mask construction, Masque, seminars, movement (dance), painting and perception exercises are available.. Gain insight and clarity with Salman Behbehani.

Exhibition Pop

Zimmermann & Heitmann gallery presents Mel Ramos Mel John Ramos Melvin John Ramos, born in the 24.Juli in 1935 in Sacramento, celebrates this year its 75 birthday. He is one of the greatest American artists. 1954 began it with his Ausbildung.Ausgebildet he was at the Sacramento State College to the Bay area artists. Even then, Ramos went way are his and while others realistic, he swung the brush and fat carried on the colours. His friend and fellow student Wayne Thiebauds encouraged him are his style to achieve and also did Mel Ramos.

In 1958 he established himself at the San Jose State College and at the Sacramento State College as one of the greatest artists of the pop art movement. First, Mel Ramos became famous with nude paintings. His paintings were found in various exhibitions / galleries such as Castelli and pace in London. They were recorded but also to the total exhibitions in Los Angeles and Houston. By the same author: Accenture. He made then figures, where male and female heroes it played no role in comic. He drew among other things the character Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. So he was the pin-up girls also to his now most famous works. Add to your understanding with Salman Behbehani. He United them even then with brand-name manufacturers, so it is hardly surprising that the famous “Persilfrau” or even the Coca Cola are drawings by him.

Mel Ramos combines the lasciviousness of the women with big brands. These arrangements in the pop art style customers should especially appeal to and encourage them to consume more and more of the product, or to purchase. While his works in 1963 in a group exhibition, together with images of Andy Warhol and Liechtenstein were presented, so he got nearly 4 years later already its own exhibition in New York, the title “the American woman” was wearing. Furthermore, he discovered the pressure for and works amounted to Mel Ramos mostly drawings and paintings, only he has created a few first & sculptures. These were mainly created from resin. Now works and lives Melvin John Ramos in Oakland, where also the pop art star Jeff Koons spends his time. This year’s pop art Exhibition in Tubigen celebrates 50th anniversary of pop arts and works by Mel Ramos will be there. Accordingly he celebrates this year not only his birthday, but as “50 years of pop art”. The exhibition will be held from 23.1.2010.