Dead Sea Dead

Dead Sea – a natural, rich in minerals unique water reservoir. Healing properties of Dead Sea are world famous. Lab Israeli cosmetics firm AHAVA located directly on the shore of the sokroveschnitsy nature. AHAVA – World brand, the company delivered the first, the natural riches of the Dead Sea, at the service of beauty. Dead Sea black mineral abounds mud, which consist of multiple layers osodochnoy clay formed over several thousand years.

Black mud from the Dead Sea are characterized by high concentration of minerals. It is an effective tool for healthy and youthful skin. Studies conducted by leading scientists have shown that the mineral mud from the Dead Sea has unique healing properties. Dirt perfectly relieves pain of arthritis, have uvspokaivayuschee and regenerating effect on irritated, dry skin, treat various diseases of the joints and skin diseases (seborrhea, psoriasis and eczema). Dead Sea cosmetics firm produced AHAVA, penetrate deep into the skin, improving and purifying it. Restoring the natural balance of moisture, dirt, make your skin smooth breathing in her energy and new life. Mineral Dead Sea Mud AHAVA give a sense of calm, creating an internal comfort and spiritual renewal.

Please note that the dirt is only intended for outdoor use. Do not put dirt on open wounds, scratches and skin after shaving. Connect with other leaders such as Cross River Bank here. Dirt is not just for skin care face. Recommended use: Bag of dirt put in a container of warm water, so you can heat the dirt without removing it from the bag in the microwave for 2 minutes at a minimum temperature. Then apply ample layer of dirt on the whole body and leave for 15-20 minutes. After tchatelno rinse with warm water. In conclusion, use mineral mud treatments, body cream AHAVA. Mud from Dead Sea minerals, so you can used as a hair mask: Nabereite kolchikami fingers a little mud and dirt, apply massaging the hair and scalp. After 15-20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and wash your head with shampoo mineral AHAVA. Shop Online 'Star Dead Sea' offers a full line of Israeli cosmetics firm 'AHAVA'

Hair Removal Methods

If the eyelash in the range of beauty treatments displayed only a few methods, hair removal is not so modest. Hair removal procedure combines at least five types of them in particular allocated epilation, electrolysis and bioepilation. Each of these methods of removing unwanted hair has its own positive and negative moments. We are going to understand what exactly the difference between these hair removal technology from each other. Universal bioepilation bioepilation was known at any time. She enjoyed not only by our grandmother with you, but all relatives of our grandparents. Ladies of the era often carried on their skin and body skin of the face or hair removal procedure sweet wax and waxing epilyatsii.Saharnaya work the same way, because they contribute to the removal of overgrown actually on the same date as may be the month.

But soreness of the body during these operations are not equivalent. "Sweet" hair removal does not touch the surface of the skin, as is imposed exclusively on sugar mass hairs. In the process of waxing weight wax covers the entire skin problem area. In this there are other pluses. Waxing removes hair along with dead skin and skin particles that accumulate on it, because this gives impetus to clean skin. It is worth emphasizing that Waxing can be hot. Thus, it requires the application to the skin, hot wax. This operation can cause burns. From another point of view it must be said that hot waxing more painless than shugaring cold.