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Start with three curriculum-based titles from September under the name Cornelsen trainer the two partners develop together school-related learning products for the Nintendo DS. First offerings for the subjects are realized, which nationwide is the greatest need for tuition: English and mathematics. Cornelsen, one of the leading publishers of educational media, HMH, the specialist in publishing and distribution of entertainment products, expand their cooperation: under the name of Cornelsen trainer the two partners develop together school-related learning products for the Nintendo DS. First offerings for the subjects are realized, which nationwide is the greatest need for tuition: English and mathematics. Cornelsen as content provider stands for quality and reliability. Read more here: rusty holzer. Parents and children can access for the first time-related and curriculum-oriented titles for the DS concrete core subjects.

A novelty on the console market. “, so Dr. Thomas Volcker, Managing Director of HMH. With voice and writing input the console for learning are ideal. The Nintendo DS has become since its launch in 2006 to be the leading platform in the field of video games. HMH as an authorized Nintendo Publisher can look back on huge sales experience in the console market.

In our software products we are working already for years successful sales together. “, explained Dr. Carsten Kindermann, managing editor digital media at Cornelsen, the cooperation. 1.5 million pupils and students of in grades 5 and 6 can breathe: already in September appear the Cornelsen trainer math (based on an issue for the 5th or 6th class), as well as the Cornelsen trainer English 5/6 class. The tutorials cost 29.99 euros each. First pre testing in the target group together with teachers attest: children and young people are curious about tutorials for game consoles and would like to try this. Beginning of 2010 comes the next DS tutorial: English 7/8 class. HMH sells the title in surface -, online – and Retailmarkten. Cornelsen takes over the sales in bookstores. The launch is through comprehensive school and teacher communication as well as a nationwide advertising campaign in focus accompanied school, okoTest and

Game Developer Of Upjers Sets Course For Success With Free Aqua Zoo Continues.

The company of Upjers nearby Bamberg success story started in the summer of 2006. Upjers offers games from different subject areas, which differ significantly from browser games of many other manufacturers. It is not about war and destruction, but rather the peaceful interaction with other users of these fun games, that’s why how it developed its success through skill and diligence and of course the fun at the competition. “” Games like my free farm “or Kapi hospital”, which are known also by advertising on television, are currently the most popular browser games. “Also the game funny pizza” popularity brought the company and one is most popular among the users. In this game, it comes to lead his own small pizzeria, to do shopping for it, to create dishes to prepare and to get as many stars in the restaurant review.

The more success of the user thus has, he earns more money in the game and the higher he rises in the rankings of all other funny pizza-user. The user is the target, the Don Calzone”to be closer. Since the 12.Mai 2011 now too can new game free Aqua Zoo”are played online. It is already apparent that Upjers continues his success with this game. Shortly after the start of the games, Upjers had to provide two new servers to meet the rush of users. Passionate hobby aquarist and fish farmers must demonstrate their skills in this game. How it is used by Upjers, introduces the player using a tutorial in the world of the virtual aquarium.

He can now fish fish in the lake or in the sea with skill to fill his Aquarium. But that’s not all. Once the fish are in the tank, the player must allow feed the fish, provide for sufficient clean, decorate the Aquarium and attention and love coming to the fish, it goes them well. Of course the competition plays also for free Aqua Zoo a great role. A customer list shows the users who used fish which levels. The user must now make sure that these Fish in the lake or new baby fish are bred and he accordingly maintained, to the demands of the customers to meet. Also here it applies, more involvement of the user shows and the do better he handled, earned more money in the game and the higher he rises in the game rankings. Free Aqua Zoo is the game manufacturer of Upjers obviously once again managed a success which guarantees variety and fun to users. Jordi Fernandez-Garcia

Perfect Browser Games Among The Top10

Perfect browser games among the Top10 in the Internet it is fascinating how can we get through the Internet. We can find at our friends and us dating. There is a social coexistence in the World Wide Web. While a few years ago, yet the Internet connections were relatively expensive and spent little time on the Internet, k can we today low fares draw on and our time spent on the Internet has increased significantly. We do a variety of things, like talking with friends or play but on the Internet.

So a new trend has developed, which can inspire more people to. Browser games conquer the rooms of many young people. A browser game is a game that is played through a Web browser completely. Thus, such games go a completely different way than the usual video games. You need to buy a CD and browser games are based on a free basis, therefore you can play each game without having to invest money. There are certain inGame items available for financing. This is there special resources or goods that you can earn or buy with real money in the game. In addition, so-called premium accounts offer some platform. Such accounts have more special features that make the game a k tonnes or unlock special areas in the game. Such paid item or accounts are found predominantly in the browser games top 10! Especially the little browser games waive such fee-based areas and fund the browser game primarily through advertising in-game or through donations that can send a player to the owner upon request.