How To Save Money On Printer Cartridges

Most of those who have bought a printer we went to the store and prices have surprised us. Are really low in comparison to any computing device. We can acquire an inkjet printer for a reasonable price, and if we want to spend more, we can take home a wonder that does it all: print photos, CDs, envelopes, cardstock … The same goes for laser printers: we can buy a monochrome printer for just over 100 euros, and a color laser printer for $ 300. Petra Diamonds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. If you compare it to other software products you realize that your price is really low.

The problem comes later. To know more about this subject visit Ray Kurzweil. You take the printer to home with a smile on your mouth, you start to install and test it. It is at this moment, when you start to test their performance (printing a photo out there, a paper there), you realize that the ink level begins to fall in a dizzying. And the final disappointment comes when you run out of ink cartridges and you have to buy new ones. You go to the store and you realize that happy cartridges cost the same as a new printer. And this is repeated too often … For home users spend over 60 euros each time you run out of cartridges is a considerable sum, but for companies that spend tens of them at the end of the year, is a high figure of thousands of euros.

The strategy of printer manufacturers is very clear: practically giving you the equipment, in order to reap the benefits after the consumables. It’s the same strategy of moving companies: they give you if you change phone company in exchange for bleeding every month with the phone bill. Or the razor blades: the razor costs very little but make huge profits with spare parts. Many consider this conduct as an abuse. But before this What can I do? The smart consumer is always looking for substitutes when they realize that they are abusing it. In this case the alternative is the recycling of cartridges, both ink and toner. But what gives us the benefits of recycling cartridges? Recycling consumables has two clear benefits: – The first, most immediate is financial gain. You can save between 30 and 60% by purchasing recycled or compatible cartridges, and up to 90% with refill kits. We know that the technology of recycling has become so precise that often comes to exceed OEM specifications in print quality and page yield. Therefore not surprising that in the coming years are issued laws which require or even tax rebates for companies using recycled materials. – The second, longer-term but extremely important is the environmental benefit. These are just some of the data The toner recycling prevents more than 40,000 tons of plastic are accumulating on the surface of the Earth and also prevents over 80,000 tonnes of solid waste. A number that increases every day. In the last ten years, it is estimated that more than 250 million printer cartridges have been burned or dumped in the waste collection centers It takes about four liters of oil to produce each new cartridge. The plastic used in each cartridge ink and toner needs more than 10 centuries to decompose.