MSN Small Business

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have a web site that you would like to be a success. To achieve that, you need traffic to your site. But where does the traffic come from? One of the best ways to bring traffic to your site is by placing your site in several directories that exist online. Online directories are similar to the yellow pages of telephone directories. These directories are categorized (education, entertainment, health, etc.), and when you upload your website, suggest a category for your site. Normally you can put it in a subcategory within a main category. For example, suppose that your web site is aromatherapy. In your request to place your site, could you suggest health such parent category as subcategory, alternative medicine and aromatherapy as additional subcategory.

Some of the most important online directories are Yahoo!, MSN Small Business and the DMOZ directory. However, unlike the engines of Search, appear in directories online is not normally free. Writing this (), you can subscribe free to the Yahoo! directory, but there is no guarantee as to how quickly that will review your web site. If you need to check your site faster, you can pay $299 US Yahoo! for an expedited service and review your site within seven days. However, this payment is an annual periodical payment. Your website will be reviewed annually, and you have the guarantee that will be or will be included each year. MSN service costs $49, and functions more as a subscription service to a search engine. Subscription service includes place it in their own directories of small businesses. On the other hand, the DMOZ is free, but as it is handled by volunteers could take the inclusion of your site. Your best options are to subscribe to DMOZ and pay for the services of MSN and Yahoo!.