Autoshop Manager Information

Do you drive a Catalogue Customer? It is very important that the software has a catalog management clients, because that is where has all the information of both identification and for tax purposes, the program must provide mechanisms to search for information by multiple data such as name , surname, by the number of phone, address or segments of any of these data. Parts Inventory Do you drive? Because some workshops manage an inventory of spare his own, if this is the case, it is important that the selected program includes a module that allows to control the inputs and outputs of parts by different concepts, such as consumption of spare parts for work orders, entry of new merchandise, transfers between warehouses, settings input and output settings, it is important to be able to define different stores and locations within them for the proper handling of the articles.

It is also important to allow physical inventory in order to keep the information current. Are the reports it offers are enough? Since one of the objectives of the program is going to record the information as time goes on, it is important that the selected program to have a set of reports that allow to be informed at any time of the workshop most important indicators, such as the amount of Unpaid work for credit while driving, consumption of spare parts for repair shop, spare parts consumption per vehicle revenue mechanical, physical inventory, sale of parts to the general public, comparative income / expenses by date range, billing and printing receipts against others. What kind of security of information handled?

Another important factor in choosing a program to manage a workshop is the mechanical terms of safety, they should check whether the program can be used on a single computer or can work on a network is used by multiple users at the same time, if this is the case, you must have a safety mechanism where each person using it is assigned a username and password for identification within the system, and where each is assigned access permissions only to program areas that require work as well in each area work is important that we can define what actions can be performed, for example a secretary can be assigned permissions to capture information but not be allowed to delete it, this way you can ensure that each user can only perform only those functions apply.