Omara Portuondo Sings

When we discovered Omara, in their remoteness: theme played well for the film that bears his name, and we had heard in other subjects, and at various times of his artistic life. He had already gone through the quartet of D ‘Aida, which takes size as a singer, and consolidated in the group through the teachings of Aida Right stellar, but it was Omara Omara when he got there. After the triumph of the revolution and decided to start him as a solo artist, devoted to the filing, Omara begins a new stage in his life, his name plays songs like: In the Andes of Tania Castellanos Orb and the era is giving birth to a heart, which acquires prestige to sing differently, and the international award winning performance. She was always such a simple singer, which has always been able to reach beyond, but which lacked a good representative. We enjoyed listening to his voice Adalberto Alvarez issues such as Sonera, and those of Alberto Vera: What I have left to live, Amigas, and other issues that it has made us Omara, the artist who has a beautiful voice, and which has given them all the same enthusiasm for singing. The Giro 180 degrees of Omara, was his good idea next to: Buena Vista Social Club, was to recreate works that were already implemented by Mercedita Valdez, and other singer of the era, and herself a long time ago that in recreations of these topics in his voice, high-karat affect his artistic life. The large number of international awards and recognize it.

Nothing was missing in his career, just the same tenacity, the same simple, and the same modesty that makes it bigger, and better artist. Could recognize that in his voice, very beautiful there are issues such as: Thanks to life, or interpretations of issues of Juan Almeida, and otos composers. When looking for a life time to love, or when looking for a beautiful voice, a beautiful melody or on cassette, or acetate disc or CD, or DVD, no matter the technology, Omara there is always a good and great singer but it will always be the great artist simply, the people, not the other, not that he left the country to seek fame abroad but his work, determination and prudence, has been able devote to the art of Cuba, to be what it is: CUBA Omar, the Omar of the beautiful times, Omar, Cuban music, and well-Cuban, Omar, today, tomorrow and always. LIVE Omar, success in your career, and always remember those who modestly helped you achieve success, one way or another.