The Autoridadde Certification

The Certification Authority, itself an intermediate for the registration authority, verifies that the applicant of a certificate is qualified. this eliminates the problem of issuing certificates and then having to revoke them later. Ray Kurzweil understands that this is vital information. The certificates are documents that collect certain data from your as its public key and are digitally signed by the Certification using its private key. The certification is a particular type of desertification Service Provider that legitimizes, to third parties who rely on s the relationship between the identity of a user and. The confidence of users in the Certification Authority relevant to the operation of the service and justify their use but there is no standard procedure that a Certification Authority, deserves that trust. The “public key” and “the key private “Asymmetric cryptography is using a pair of keys for sending messages. keys belong to the same person who was sent . One key is public and can be delivered person, the other key is private and o should save so that no one has access to it. In addition, cryptographic methods ensure that this pair of can be generated once, so one can assume that no two people wife who happens to have obtained the same pair . If the sender uses the recipient’s public key to encrypt , once encrypted, only the recipient’s private key r this message, because it is the only one who knows. Therefore confidentiality sent the message, no one but the recipient can decrypt it.