They are many causes that we must know about because go hemorrhoids, among them are: hereditary factors: as you pressure high, portal hypertension is hereditary, but when we are talking about portal hypertension we speak of the malfunctioning veins, obstructions, and these produce inflammation, is why some veins of the year and rectum are affected. Constipation: The constant passage of stools dry and rough hurt the mucosa of the intestinal walls, especially in areas of the rectum and anus by finding more angostamente due to the closing of the voluntary and involuntary sphincters. Diarrhea: Some will wonder: How does diarrhea cause hemorrhoids?, the answer is very simple, to have diarrhea constantly, gives us the desire to go often to the bathroom and being lobbying for defecating, sphincters work a lot with this action and ago begin inflammation and poor circulation until it reaches the point that forms small obstructions. Standing or sitting during long followed: the body needs to be in different positions and perform many movements for a proper functioning of the circulatory system, in addition to being long time standing, we apply our weight for a long time to a few specific areas, these are exhausted and here is where we have the feeling of tiredness; the same thing happens to be sitting long, we put all our weight in the buttocks, there is constant in the same place force and produces lesions. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a number of hormones are secreted more than normal to compensate some functions not women do when they are not, for example in the production of milk, swelling of the breast, among others.

The most important hormone that speak in hemorrhoids is oxytocin, is in charge of the uterine contraction during pregnancy, but when the fetus is almost formed begins to segregate with great intensity, so that pregnant women tend to develop hemorrhoids in the last stages of pregnancy, this is due to that there is a constant contraction in throughout the body, an inner strength that practically pulls to the veins, inflamed them and gives rise to these injuries. Poor nutrition: having a poor diet can trigger ailments such as constipation and portal hypertension. Now you know which are the reasons because the hemorrhoids. To see the most effective plan to cure hemorrhoids naturally and without pain, click here original author and source of the article..