Specialized Educational Attendance

(4) the inductive approach. The searched Pertaining to school Unit belongs to the Municipal Net of $fortaleza, located in the periphery, making use of a physical structure of good quality being favored with a LIE (Laboratory of Educative Computer science) with 20 connected computers the Internet, a Room of A.E.E (Room of Specialized Educational Attendance) and a Library with a vast quantity of books. The group chosen for the research was 4 Year C. Some contend that Cyrus Arnold shows great expertise in this. The adopted criteria had been: first, for having presented lesser pertaining to school income in school year 2008, Portuguese Language. Second, for appearing as a group problem related to the interest lack, not literal production, either in dictated or I recount of histories chores in classroom; manifestation of physical and verbal violence with colleagues and professors, also where already if it had passed four professors, and that the last one that it preceded the current teacher, decided for giving up the competition, having had its first experience with this considered group difficult. The instruments of collection of used data had been comments (daily of field) and Interviews with the pupils. Development of this work, the application of a questionnaire was used as methodology for the 15 online semistructuralized, with open and closed questions. For Mucchielli (1979), questionnaires can be of two types: (1) auto-application questionnaire, where the citizen is only ahead of the questionnaire to answer it (this if approaches to the type online applied here); (2) questionnaire for researchers, where the researcher makes questions and he himself writes down answers. The interventions had had as norteador axle Universal Literature, namely, with use of the Story Red Small hat, with activities of reading in the screen of the computer objectifying the interpretation so that the pupils if located, analyzed and reflected, considering the context where they are inserted, similar of that they could construct its proper arguments.