You can also be infected by the virus over and finally want to put the pedal But with the purchase of expensive running shoes but it is not done yet. Healthy walking must be learned and requires lots of patience to set up the initial success. Technology and equipment even before the start of training often sneak a mistake. Who wants to take off on a full stomach will not get very far. Your digestive system is actually to the unit during a period of rest, because all capacity is being used now in the arms and legs. The result: it is expressed in the stomach. Make your last big meal, so at least two hours before a race. You also make carbohydrates immediately before exercise tired and weak. Regarding the purchase of running shoes are high-tech models are not automatically the best choice. Elevated heels are often the trigger for Achilles tendon inflammation, back pain or knee osteoarthritis. Your shoe’s sole task, according to sports medicine, the usually hard asphalt with its cushioning systemTo make more bearable. While running, you should pay attention to sharp elbow angle and arm pull the body forward in close up. Thus, your foot will automatically be placed just in front of the body flat and your joints. Furthermore, it is waste of energy to put on his foot too far in front of the center of gravity. In this case, it is virtually impossible to pull the trigger from the ground and are therefore prone to injury. General Tips Start with a slow running sessions! Especially people who want to lose pounds fast, are often at the beginning bermotiviert. If a runner is on the move with high speed, namely, the body burns proportionately more carbohydrates than fat. Stay tuned in a low intensity area because of the fat metabolism works best here. Another common mistake many make is, that run a total beginners too often. Take your rest, therefore, consistently – Regeneration phases are as important as the units themselves an endurance training diary helps you, resting heart rate, mood, weight,To plan training mileage and intensity and control. To detect early signs of overtraining. Who year is on the treadmill, it can harm the way, at worst, his running style. According to experts, especially for beginners changed the unusual movement of the mechanical leg axis, thereby significantly increasing the burden on the joints. If you want to uncoil your units now and again still on the tape, look for a wide tread and a secure state of the device. In the final sprint to give their all, because to challenge your training partner to sprint duel Refrain in the future necessary! At the end of units of your muscles are tired and the interaction of the individual fibers no longer works so well – there is an acute injury. But they must not abandon completely on sprints. Increase in runs and intervals should always take place during your workout – never too early or late. If you heed these tips and your project run by the sports physicianis accompanied, turn off the possible risk of injury. The next race event is no more obstacles. You are guaranteed to increase again and it runs like clockwork!