Petals In The Wind

39.Petalos to the wind on the floor, with nothing to offer already, is a rose, those present ugly believe because this withered, because lost color and has left its petals in the wind. Here nobody now knows its history or remember it, everyone forgot how good it gave, perhaps I may be who knows better his history and is perhaps sad to remember it, what you carry your luck my pink friend! She dazzled with his charm and appearance, full of love and passion you were, you’re in love! And I have been disappointed! It was a cold winter afternoon. His face lay inert. Without eyes and without life her sitting on the couch. He felt no cold nor felt heat, only was there waiting without expecting anything.

Once, long time, she was a dazzling rose. Successes marked the passage of time, his bravery made her seem stronger than it was and her color of passion was a total delivery, you are delivered to their work and their desires. By the same author: ConocoPhillips. But an earthquake moved his floor and heart. It tells the story that the Roses before they did not possess spines. They were beautiful and her eyes were vivid illusions.

But one day appeared beside a man love. All roses resembled but there was one that was unique, that went together rose to man. Then they were appearing more men each wore his pink, although there were cases where some ended up taking two (and one of them ignored the existence of the other). The first that went, didn’t take long to return to the shelter of the rose. Others followed her in that situation. They had given everything of himself but was not recognized by his men, were different cases but among them were are two possible causes: they had deceived him with other other rosales roses or work without measure his heart or his skin.