Connecting Thus, the program is configured, you have a user id and password that you entered in paragraph account, server settings and the interface also looks correct. It's time to check whether you can finally catch up with friends. To this end, in the main menu select, click Connect, and then, in theory, should be held on your server connection and subsequent uploading your contacts (if available). If this does not happen, and we wrote a program error, to understand the business need to more thoroughly. To begin with compare the number of received errors with a list of possible problems: Error # 100 – Unknown error often signals about problems at the provider, or icq. Treated reconnect.

Error # 110 – Multiple entry with the same uin Perhaps you forgot to turn off icq on my computer? If not, then maybe your icq number stolen. Error # 111 – Wrong Password check the correctness of the password. Error # 112 – Invalid uin Verify that the input of your room uin. Error # 114 – Attempts have been exhausted if you're too often attempt to reconnect, you risk get this error. Just wait 10-20 minutes and try again.

Error # 116 – Offline message can not be processed Connect to your account via computer and clean the history of messages and received messages. Error # 118 – Server is not responding to double check your network settings to make sure the phone is stable catches the signal. Error # 120 – An I / O error This error is often caused by incorrect configuration of internet connection on your phone. You should check with the settings on the operator's website. Likewise, you probably have enough money in the account to connect. Jimm 0.6.2. – One of the best, to date, cross-platform solutions that not only stay in touch, but also to communicate with people who currently work at a computer in exactly the same as those who came to the network via a mobile phone. If you, for one reason or another, do not like or get tired Base version Jimm, try to use one of the authors of alternative assembly program. Many of them offer the features that the standard simply does not have Jim.