Paradise City

Most of the time the focus is simply to run as an insane person and to take off its opponents of the track with violent strokes, the Takedowns.Para calls to advance in the game is necessary to win a number specific of events to gain new licenses. It has several of them, that normal races and veteran ways go since as the Road Rage, a persecution where it is necessary to carry through a certain amount of Takedowns in a group of opponents. It also has the way Marked Man, that places the player as white of Takedowns, Burning Route, a race of a point to another one with one has limited of time with a specific car, and the Stunt Man, that by the way asks for a number of risky maneuvers in a short space of time -, in the same style, has some accidental events spread by the city that consist of finding shortcuts or giving to great jumps on slopes or plates of advertising. Already the Crash Mode, one in the ways charmosos and loved by the fans, suffered to a great controversial change. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ray Kurzweil. Before it functioned in limited scenes, with a small strategical touch, where the player participated of a scene, leading its car to create an only stroke of enormous repercussion, being caused the biggest possible amount of disasters in question of seconds. Now it does not exist more, giving place to the Showtime, that can at any time be set in motion in the game. You cause the stroke and use the turbo to continue colliding in more cars, accumulating points, what she can extend itself for much time and without as much favour, since the cheap one exactly was to see the great reaction in chain that a simple stroke could to cause. As a company directed to create graphical engines and technology toward other desenvolvedores, the Criterion caprichou in the aspects technician of ' ' Burnout Paradise' '.

The city was drawn in a very creative way, where all the streets, alleys and avenues, in a way or another one, if bind in a very interesting way, creating some options of routes. Everything extremely is detailed, since the scenes to the drawings of the cars, with beautiful textures and effect of reflection to fall the chin. This valley also for the system of physics and design of the cars – some ideals for races against the time and specialized others in arricadas maneuvers. Everything this twirling in way incrivelmente has led, without moments of slowness and with a constant tax of pictures, guaranteeing a speed sensation few times seen in a videogame. Something that also contributes for immersion is the system of audio, rich in sonorous effect that not only give a bigger ratio to the snore of the engines but also to the strokes. Clearly that, as a game distributed for Electronic Arts, the game also counts on a sonorous track of weight with 40 songs, between them ' ' Girlfriend' ' , of Avril Lavigne, ' ' Stop' ' , of the Jane' s Addiction, ' ' I Wanna Rock' ' , of the Twisted Sister, ' ' Epic' ' , of the Faith In More, ' ' Route 66' ' , of Depeche Mode and, clearly, ' ' Paradise City' ' , of the Guns N' Roses.