Only God

What do you mean? What he is snolo? It has some thing to have? snolo is an intrinsic unit between form and substance – a hilemorfismo. Only God who only possesss form and not Substance. The man always is a unit of substance and form. In the first paragraph of the Physics, it (Aristotle) he retakes its criticizes the Parmnides, that also does not agree to retake in writing here. Former: The seed is tree in harnesses. Everything of the nature for capsizes To be was harnesses.

Aristotle does not affirm the true existence of not-Be. He harnesses but it in certain way holds not-Be. He has To be and he has Not to be and movement. In the chapter the six, seven, eight and next one that he is the nine, he will be clearly because Aristotle criticized Parmnides. The movement comes from the transformation of harnesses? coming To be. Here in chapter eight in certain way it finishes criticizes it the Parmnides? Not to be. Summarizing: In this chapter one is about the solution of the aporias of the old philosophers.

To be; Not-Be; Movement; Power. BOOK I? CHAPTER 9 In this chapter Aristotle makes a synthesis, being a thing the substance and to another one it is harnesses. Substance is what it goes to suffer an action. Some think that it is the same thing, but are not same thing. The substance is what subsiste the action of harnesses. Forgetting that it exists the contrary it does not substantiate and it. From the action of the power, the substance will go to modify itself. What dumb it is that has the transformation, the substance is the same one with new form. the substance also if subsiste the transformation, therefore the substance if submits the transformation, therefore the substance if submits the form. Former: Seed Tree. The seed is snolo (unit of substance and form) when suffers the action from harnesses it is changedded and come To be tree. As the form is more substantiates that the substance. The substance goes to adjust itself to change the form. Then it affirms that the substance also moved, therefore are unit. Not forgetting that the substance is substantiates and the form also, only that in the transformation of the nature, where the transformation exists forms is bigger. Summarizing: In this chapter Aristotle it approaches the critical a Plato. Substance and form. Substance and form? Action and transformation? I begin material and its trend;