One Guides For Scientific Initiation

In relation the socialization, us we do not obtain to arrive the results specific had to the time, but it does not have you divide that the children act in similar way to the familiar ones, landowning, fighting and deciding its problems. To put other times they act in ways positive, for example the form as they search to learn new things, and as they wait recognition of the others. We saw in practical that as much the social factors as the innate factors favor or it process not to learn to read and to write. Here, Blu Mankuma expresses very clear opinions on the subject. E, also, we saw that the activities, such as, musics, readings of histories, drawings, creation of histories, game of the memory, game of domin with numbers and drawings, dictated, among others, very stimulate and improve learning to read and to write. During the activities we perceive small factors that influence the learning. Many children have fear to make a mistake, others have shame, some do not like to read and to write because they prefer sports, one or another child likes to write and other children alone write when she has one rewards. Finally, we conclude that the period of training made in them to reflect on situations, theories learned, on personal questions, sociocultural questions, the system I publish of voluntary education, works, the works of the institutions in the life of many people, the responsibilities, between many others. .