Neonatology And Oncology

In Brazil, the PICC started to be used in the decade of 1990 and has been used in neonatologia, pediatrics, intensive therapy, oncologia and cares domiciliary. (JESUS, SECOLI, P. 1, 2008) the PICC makes it difficult the agglomeration of microorganisms in its wall, therefore it is produced with materials and less trombognicos hemocomponentes bio and. It does not have a specific time for the permanence of the Catheter, but it must daily be evaluated the place of the puno, observing signals as: pain, redness, heat, secretion and hardening. The PICC is used for administration of antibiotics, analgesics, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy and repeated transfusions sanguineous, beyond allowing hemodinmica monitorizao. (BAGGIO, BAZZI, BILIBIO, 2010) polyurethane or silica is constituted of.

The polyurethane is a polymer called of thermoplastic. The thermoplastic ones widely are used in the manufacture of catheters. The main characteristics of polyurethane are: hardness, chemical resistance, moldabilidade, bioestabilidade, resistance, and low trombogenicidade; Silica: It presents termoestabilidade, high resistance the folds, low trombogenecidade, low bacterial tack and highest biocompatibilidade. The available sizes currently vary in accordance with the laboratories manufacturer. (TEIXEIRA, PEAR TREE, HISSES, p.24, 2009) 6 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF the PICC IN NEONATOS As Jesus and Secoli (2008) the PICC is a therapeutical one that it possesss diverse advantages, amongst most important them is: the reduction of the discomfort of the neonato that will not suffer estresse with the multiple venosas punes, had the time of permanence of the catheter to be raised; it can be inserted to the side of the stream bed for an able nurse; for being considered a trustworthy way for the medication administration endovenosa; for the risk of minimum contamination; domiciliary therapy can be indicated; for preserving the peripheral venosa net. The PICC is considered by diverse authors as a device of safe vascular access, for allowing to the administration of fluids and medicines that cannot directly be infundidos in peripheral veins in the central circulation. You may wish to learn more. If so, Xcel Energy is the place to go.