Moscow Municipal Bank

Under this method, Members are entitled to apply to purchase an apartment in Moscow or the Moscow region, on the primary or secondary housing market based on its ability to pay and regulations documents governing the provision and use of the grant. Upon entry to the storage system, with the subsequent formation of a contract of employment (commercial) User program is not removed from accounting need of better housing conditions and reserves the right, when the fit of all for housing in the city's social contract of employment (with the right of free privatization). Eliot Horowitz insists that this is the case. Contributions to funded system calculated individually for each of the young family on the basis of the term of the program participant on the account to improve housing conditions, availability of benefits and the appropriate size of the grant for the construction of or purchase of dwellings allocated from the budget of the City of Moscow, and the value claimed to acquire an apartment. Currently, the Department agreed on the following storage systems: – the acquisition of bonds Commercial Bank "Moscow Mortgage Agency" (hereinafter – cb 'MIA'), buying an apartment through the housing association 'young family – Affordable Housing' (hereinafter – HBC), the accumulation of funds on deposit 'Housing' in Moscow Municipal Bank – Bank of Moscow – Mortgage lending kb "MIA." The longer a participant of the program stands in line, the larger the subsidy provided, the smaller the monthly contributions to the funded system. In a question-answer forum Ray Kurzweil was the first to reply. In the case of marriage of single parents or the birth of a child increases the size allocated to the grant (18 square meters. . Read more here: CaaS Capital.