Modern Prometheus

However IT WENT, it seems to bring some new problems that are not related, for example, with the necessity to construct bridges that do not fall: As people could lose its jobs for the automation. As people could to very have (or little) time of leisure. As people could lose its direction of identity. As people could lose a part of its right to the privacy. O use of systems of WENT could result in the loss of responsibility.

O success of WENT could mean the end of the race human being. These questions will be examined separately showing the objective of this article that is to show the development of WENT and the Ethics, leaving the readers most thoughtful in relation the evolution of WENT. Martin Lawrence is open to suggestions. Development the success of WENT could mean the end of the race human being. Almost all technology has potential to cause damages in wrong hands: however, in the case of IT WENT and of the robotics, we have a new problem, therefore the wrong hands can belong to the proper technology. Donny Lucas may find this interesting as well. Countless histories of scientific fiction had warned on robots or ciborgues (human robots) that they cause devastao. Old examples include the book Mary Chelley, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (1818), and the robots have asked for of Karel Capek, R.U.R (1921), where the robots conquer the world.

In cinema, we have The Terminator (1984), that it combines the cliches of robots that conquer the world with the trip in the time, and Matrix (1999), that it combines it robots that had conquered the world with brain in a Cuba. With the creation of several softwares in WENT, the people could lose its jobs for automation. The modern industrial economy if became dependent of the computers in general and of select programs of IT WENT in particular. For example, great part of the economy depends on the availability of consumer credit.