What is NLP? P.N.L. Mitchel Resnick is often quoted on this topic. means neuro-linguistic programming, a name that encompasses components most important and influential at the time of produce experience tothe human being: Neurology and programming. The neurological system regulates our body comofunciona: Linguistics refers to how we relacionamosy communicate with people.Schedule indicates the kinds of models worldfor we create. The neuro-linguistic programming describes, that relacionfundamental between the mind (neuro) and (language) language and how that interaccionentre them affects our body and our behavior.The P.N.L. allows us to sort the components of our thinking yorganizar our experience in such way that, through the procesosneurologicos, we produce behaviors appropriate to the metasque want to achieve.Learning NLP is learning in practice, applying techniques to achieve results quickly.It is largely modeled. Modeling is the process of specific recrearcomportamientos. the problem.

To be able to model effectively is necesitanuna series of resources.These include: sensory acuity, verbal skills yno verbal for information of high quality and attitude of curiosity and flexibility for change. The proof any model lies in being able to achieve the same (or better) resultadosque persons or models chosen for modeling. The P.N.L. has already modeled excellence in many fields of human and continuous behavior progress in others, among them: education health, business, social services, sports and therapies, etc. So, that is NLP?: the NLP is the study of human excellence.NLP is acquiring the ability to make the best, most frequently.NLP is a practical and powerful approach to achieve personal changes.NLP is a powerful tool of communication, influence and PERSUASION.NLP is fundamentally modeling. The specialists who developed NLP studied who did things in an excellent manner, those who obtained results of excellence in a particular field they found what was its formula and provided us the means for us to do the same.NLP is a model, not a theory. How to learn NLP: If you want to learn NLP is interesting take that right attitude, be willing / or to take action, to apply the techniques NLP and to bear in mind and ask you the questions that you drive towards change: 1.Tener perseverance: incorporates this concept: there is no failure, only results that can always be improved 2.Desarrolla curiosity: always explores. Ask yourself what possibility is there here? How can I use this for me? 3.Mentalidad of inquiring, in that there is something more: think provided that there is something more.

What there to ICAN discover? What in this experience that I can use? 4. attitude of wishing: develops a passionate attitude toward life. How can I lograrque this is mine? Can I how achieve this outcome? creative/a to improve 5.Ponte: How can I do this better? With the resources of NLP, you can achieve all those goals that you propose, it depends on sustaining the attitude out of it safe and known in order to investigate and apply new things in your life, that can be very, but very beneficial!