In the experiments, subjects were studied by Voll method. Readings were taken before application of harmonizer and 3 days after the start of its relations (see Table 1). Table 1. Effect of wearing harmonizer on the health of patients,% of number of patients studied period Prior to the survey of harmonizer harmonizer After applying the state’s standards system below the norm above the normal rate below the norm above the normal digestive 5 36 59 62 12 26 Endocrine 9 23 68 42 12 36 Lymphatic 23 20 57 49 16 35 Excretory 24 44 32 59 39 2 Marked recovery in the first channel function, responsible for the cardiovascular system, energy metabolism and immune system. Also improved indicators of the functioning of the nervous system, gastrointestinal (GI) tract and other body systems. There have been changes in the musculoskeletal system. Source: LEGO Papert Professor. 10 days after a break in wearing harmonizer re-examination revealed the preservation of positive shifts, ie start the process of self-regulation body. Using a harmonizer. Prophylactic. For preventive maintenance, are just a harmonizer in his pocket, as well as the solar plexus (2-3 hours per day). Harmonizer is especially needed for those who are at risk: if the work is related to chronic exposure of electromagnetic and other types of high-frequency radiation (computers, photocopiers, microwave ovens, mobile phones and etc.); if you live in an emotionally unstable environment; if you live in ecologically unfavorable conditions; If you have to high psychological stress (exams, performances, contests, etc.). 2. Healing. For painful harmonizer states should be used purposefully. To do this, it put on the sore spot, or biologically active points, or placed on a 0,5-2 hours to the relevant chakra (once daily): problems urogenital system and blood vessels of the lower limbs – the first chakra. Problems of small and large intestine and kidney – the second chakra. Problems with the liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach, duodenum gut – the third chakra (solar plexus) Problems of broncho-pulmonary nature, heart, great vessels, esophagus – the fourth chakra. Problems with the thyroid gland – the fifth chakra. This chakra is responsible for the growth and aging rights. Problems with the nasopharynx, the brain – the sixth chakra. We wish you health, and remember that it is easier to preserve than to restore. Harmonizer can help you save it, but if you want to restore, here this device does not let you down!