Financial Success

Those who are rich know that prosperity is something perfectly possible and transmit it to their families, that generally increase such estates, thus we find that the rich are becoming richer. Those who fight for survival every day continue to believe that this succeed with money is for few and transmitted this way of thinking to those who surround them, so continue to suffer shortages for generations, that are convinced that it is out of your reach pretend otherwise. We see that the vast majority of poor families are still with the passage of generations being poor, with few exceptions, since they remain mostly the same programming. That program is forming since we are small, we are absorbing everything and how much we see, hear and feel as what is true. (Source: Mitchel Resnick). Imagine a person who has developed in the midst of poverty and scarcity, what should be your program and what should be its point of view concerning the obtaining of money, thinks about him as something that is out of your reach, because it your subconscious is polite, and while not changing the program so your results will be. You can throughout your life you would have a series of experiences that conditioned to think that it is not capable of generating large sums of money, can your internal voice repeat for years that this was impossible, because it is still time to change the program and may be the time. Forget the difficulties that had until now, forget to errors, the faults committed and deprivation he lived, at least that you want to repeat them, forget them, they are things of the past, remember that the only thing real is the same now. As you read these pages think only in what you want to translate, not permanent place in your mind what you want to avoid, what has been his life until now does not mean that it will repeat, provides you knowledge and capacity to make your life what you want it to do, take effective control and go into action to produce the changes now. Source: Atmos Energy.