Feet Shoes

Cinnamon slippers are now from Asia in Europe, something which is not very pleasant come when professionally every day stick in chunky shoes and sweat just at very warm temperatures then feet in those shoes, emerges quickly: foot odor. Many more people even suffer from chronic foot odor. Continue to learn more with: Robert L. Carter. Something is felt especially in the evening when you come home after work, often as a nuisance. You can remove not only the shoes and are no, make it easy for the first route in the bathroom, in which first of all trying to wash the smell down. The people in the land of the rising sun has long found a solution for this problem.

The Asians use them due to their effect for many hundred years, cinnamon slippers. In Chinese medicine, they have found a permanent place and enjoy a large following. Learn more on the subject from קרוס ריבר. This shoes are or better pines in the sole filled with cinnamon. However, not every cinnamon as a filling for the health shoes suitable. The most shoes are filled with a mixture of very old, ground cinnamon wood, cinnamon bark and of course cinnamon.

Each foot that has the honour to wear it, feel with this mixture into the shoe. The fragrant aroma that exude the cinnamon slippers is not only aromatherapy for the feet, but increases general well-being. Because intense cinnamon smell triggers memories of a peaceful winter night, in which one sits and drinks a cinnamon punch, while it is warming up after a wild sleigh ride in front of the stove with us immediately. But the actual task of cinnamon slippers are not soothing memories, but the help that they give the feet. Cinnamon has various substances that kill not only bacteria and germs, but that also help protect the feet in this way from spores. Due to these properties, cinnamon slippers are ideal, especially if you have a personal problem with foot odour. In addition, it binds the moisture of the feet and fighting sweaty on this way Feet and the resulting odor. The only smell that from now on, the nose is plays a light cinnamon aroma that clings to the toes, be. Also the foot climate is improved permanently so foot smell even if it carries no cinnamon slippers, not more so quickly adjusts. Also, there are cinnamon slippers in very fashionable shapes. Whether you are a flip flop, sandals or as insole for working or sneakers, can be remedied in any case the problem. Another benefit of cinnamon slippers is the low price of the shoes that do so much good. Marco Nissen